Structure of Anion Pads

Structure of Lady Anion Sanitary Pads

Lady Anion Pads have always been a popular choice among females of all age. Whether you are working women, a home maker, a college girl or a traveler, Lady Anion pads are designed and structured to suit your needs. Lady Anion napkin pad range consists of an internal structure of 8 layers that make them ultra-absorbent and ultra-soft leaving you fresher, drier and more comfortable.

Lady Anion Pads come in variety of structures:

FAR-IR Daily: These Far-IR Anion pad are best for normal daily activities that involve moderate physical effort. It can absorb up 150ml of fluid to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. There are 10 sanitary pads in a pack.

FAR-IR Night: This anion sanitary pad is designed for night use. It’s ultra-absorbent feature gives you that peace of mind that you won’t get from any other cotton sanitary pad. This Far-IR pad has the highest degree of absorption and can absorb up-to 150 ml of fluid. There are 8 sanitary pads in a pack.

FAR-IR Panty Liner: These sanitary napkins are the best option for females involved in outdoor sport and indoor activities such as fitness classes, gym etc. This Far-IR Anion liner is slim and discreet and is especially designed to be undetectable in any underwear or sports-wear. There are 30 sanitary pads in a pack.

Far-IR Sport Style: The thin and elegant Far-IR Anion pad is the perfect choice for females participating in social activities, beach, clubbing. They are designed in a manner that they can be worn with modern lines of lingerie. Due to its geometrical design, this sanitary pad is less absorbent than the other styles.

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